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Health-conscious individuals who are looking for natural alternatives to replace their old aluminium-based deodorants in their daily skincare routine can rejoice, because we have produced an effective natural deodorant that is kind to your skin and health.Our premium deodorant has the highest quality ingredients, with a refreshing, natural scent. 

Studies have associated aluminium with certain cancers, motor skills impairment, renal disorders, and bone disease. Although there is no substantive evidence to back these claims, people are still wary about the long-term effects of aluminium-based products that are widely available in the market today. 

Whilst there is no doubt that products containing Potassium Alum are natural, since aluminium is a mineral found in nature, you will sometimes see the word ‘Alum’ or ‘Potassium Alum’ as the main ingredient. Alum contains aluminium, often hydrated Potassium Aluminium Sulfate (Potassium Alum). Potassium Alum is a naturally occurring form of aluminium salt. The difference between Potassium Alum and Aluminium Chlorohydrate (which is found in most conventional deodorants), is Potassium Alum is a much larger molecule, not thought to be absorbable through human skin. Therefore, using natural crystal deodorant (or those deodorants containing this ingredient) does not fully eliminate aluminium. The question of whether the aluminium in natural crystal deodorants is dangerous, remains unanswered, but we are not willing to take the risk. 

After spending many months working with a team of pharmacists, in order to create the perfect scientifically tested, effective and safe natural deodorant, we finally achieved it! We are so proud of our best-selling Natural Aluminium-Free Deodorant.


5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Natural Deodorant

If you still need some convincing about using a natural deodorant, here are 5 reasons why you need to switch today! 

#1 It’s perfect for sensitive skin

Natural deodorants are free from aluminium and other chemicals, such as Parabens and PEGs. They are typically made from plant-based ingredients and essential oils. People with sensitive skin are less likely to have skin irritations because of these natural ingredients. 

#2 Combats odour effectively

The natural ingredients found in most natural deodorants, such as rosemary, lichen, sage, lemongrass and tea tree oil have anti-bacterial properties that prevents odour and reproduction of sweat-digesting skin bacteria. 

#3 Detoxifies and heals the skin

Plant-based ingredients are not only healing and odour-fighting, but they are also effective indrawing out toxins from the body. A favourite among natural skincare lovers, Witch Hazel, is known to have healing properties (for example, for razor burns). It evaporates sweat and minimises skin pores.Some companies are notorious for sneaking in toxic ingredients, so make sure to do your research. 

#4 It’s eco-friendly

Since there are no harmful chemicals used in making natural deodorants, you are being kind to the environment. 

#5 Gives you peace of mind

The ingredients that go into the Aluminium-Free Natural Deodorant have odour-fighting power and are far safer to use on your body than aluminium-based deodorants. Natural products also don’t clog pores and keep skin smooth and healthy.

Don’t settle for something that may cause health problems in the long-term, when there are natural products that do the same job without the risks.