Posted on by Dianne Caine Australia

Your skin might not look the same as it did in your 20s, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous, healthy and glowing, no matter what age you are.


The healthiest skin isn’t a result of some magical miracle fix, but of years of consistent nurture and care. Great skin requires consistency, discipline, and preparation throughout the years, but it’s more achievable than you may think.


A few tips on looking after your skin so you look glowing for many years to come:



Do you have oily skin? Consider yourself lucky because according to dermatologists, people with oily skin develop fewer wrinkles. However, if your skin is sensitive, make sure to test out products on your neck and arms before you use them to ensure you won’t have any skin reaction.


If you have dry skin, choose a creamy cleanser and a moisturiser with high moisture content to keep your skin supple. We recommend our HYDRATING RICH CREAM CLEANSER, with Organic Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter, in conjunction with TRANSFORMATION FACIAL OIL morning and night, to boost moisture levels and provide maximum hydration.


Regardless of your skin type always ensure the products you use are non-comodogenic to avoid clogged pores, which are the number one culprit for pimples and acne.



As we age, the outer dermis thickens with dead skin cells so there’s a need to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation will help bring out fresher skin for a youthful glow. It is highly recommended that you exfoliate both your face and body on a weekly basis. You’ll find that the skin will absorb your moisturiser better if you exfoliate first.


A dry brush for the body is a quick, but effective way to exfoliate your skin before taking a shower. Body scrubs work too. For the face, use facial scrubs that are chemical-free.


For the face we recommend our REGENERATIVE FACIAL POLISH with finely crushed Argan shells and Jojoba beads or for acne prone skin we recommend our PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL WASH with Salicylic Acid which is derived from the bark of the willow tree. It is a proven anti-acne agent due to its antiseptic properties. For the body we recommend our DETOX BODY EXFOLIATOR which contains Pumice and Walnut Shell help smooth and buff skin to perfection, for a bright and glowing skin.



The skin around our eyes is very thin and it gets thinner as we age; and it is common knowledge that the first signs of ageing are found around the eye area. Eye creams are typically denser than your usual face moisturiser and they pack a lot of moisture and anti-ageing ingredients to promote skin elasticity.


The sooner you involve a good quality eye cream in your skincare routine, the more you delay the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.



A healthy diet is one of the best approaches for maintaining a younger looking complexion. What we eat plays a major role in our skin health. Sugary foods, for example, degrade skin collagen and elastin, which are both responsible for keeping the skin firm.


Salty foods and alcohol are dehydrating, so limit yourself with these as well. And last but not the least, drink plenty of water!