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We spend so much time researching the perfect skincare products to provide the best care for our skin, but our hands and lips are often forgotten or are way down on our list of priorities. Our hands are exposed to more environmental stressors than other parts of our body, not to mention the frequent washing, soaps, detergents and different surfaces they encounter all day long.

Signs that your hands are not getting enough moisture and are lacking in natural oils are dry, rough or cracked skin, red, flaky and itchy skin, and peeling around your cuticles.

Our lips are exposed to different foods and liquids which can leave them feeling dry. The cold weather alone can play havoc with our lips, leaving them dry, cracked and sometimes even bleeding.

Our skin loses elasticity and moisture with age, and our hands and lips are no exception. If we forget to moisturise and take proper care of them, they will be a tell-tale sign of our age, even adding on a few unwanted years!



1. Keep restorative products close and use them frequently – Keep your Hand and Nail Treatment and Lip Restore handy for frequent use during the day. At your desk, in your handbag and on your bedside table are ideal spots!

2. Use gloves when cleaning – Do the washing up and all cleaning with gloves on, to avoid your skin drying out from exposure to soaps and chemicals.

3. Apply products before bed – Apply your Hand and Nail Treatment and Lip Restore before bed so that your skin can repair and rejuvenate overnight. Don’t forget your cuticles and nails! Rub your Hand and Nail Treatment into your cuticles and onto your nails to avoid hangnails and brittle nails.

4. Keep Hydrated - Drinking plenty of water is important as dehydration can contribute to the lack of moisture in your skin.

5. When flying always carry products in your hand luggage – Pack your Lip Restore and Hand and Nail Treatment Cream in your hand luggage on flights to avoid your skin and lips from drying out!


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