Our commitment to sourcing and using safe, non-toxic ingredients has been one of our founding principles. Our ingredients have to be of an extremely high quality in order to be effective, so the sourcing of these is vital.

At Dianne Caine Skin Care we have simple, easy to understand ingredient lists with no safety concerns.  Our ingredients are primarily natural in origin, and no compromises are made in the selection or cost of our high performance raw materials.  We have briefly summarised our ingredients and their benefits below.

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Algae Extract (Skin Tight AP)
An anti-wrinkle, high purity extract from micro-algae. Combined with pullulan, a firm forming natural sugar from the fungus A Pullulans, which helps retain moisture. Contains vitamin C & B12 as anti-oxidants. Helps protect skin cells from oxidative stress & strengthening the skin’s connective tissue by stimulating collagen synthesis & renewal of tissue cells.

Aloe Vera
A cactus plant which has thick, fleshy leaves and contains a clear gel. It has been used for a host of purposes since the ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality.” Provides emollient, hydrating, softening, healing, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Cold-pressed from the dried seeds of the fruit of the apricot tree. Highly nutritious, rich in vitamins (such as A, C and E), essential fatty acids and nutrients, to condition the hair and skin.

Argan Oil
A plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.) that is endemic to Morocco. It is an original natural solution for preserving the skin against premature ageing. Argan oil helps repair and maintain healthy skin as it contains very high levels of vitamin E as well as essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It also nurtures hair, nails and lips.

A peptide found to relax facial tension, leading to the relaxation of facial muscles that contribute to lines and wrinkles. Researchers believe Argireline works by inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters released by the brain that tell these facial muscles to tense. The result is relaxed musculature and reduced wrinkles and lines. Synthetically derived and deemed to be safe and non-toxic.

Balm Mint Leaf Oil
Very mild extract, ideal for sensitive skin and skin prone to rashes and other allergic reactions. An anti-irritant and sedative, it soothes and calms the skin and scalp and promotes healing.

The natural wax made by honey bees in the hive. Makes an excellent skin softener, when combined with other oils and waxes.

Bergamot Oil
Extracted from the fresh peel of Bergamot fruit, Bergamot oil is excellent for oily skin.

Cacoa Butter
A fat obtained from the seeds of Theobroma Cacao (Sterculiaceae). One of nature’s richest moisturisers and used for centuries in skin care products. Contains fatty acids, which improve skin moisture retention and elasticity, and effective in easing skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. It contains cocoa mass polyphenol which is thought to have health benefits including prevention of the formation of cancerous cells.

Calendula Oil
Derived from marigold flowers, calendula reduces inflammation, eliminates bacteria, and helps the skin heal.

Camellia Oil
Obtained from the seeds of the plant (Camellia Oleifera) - The plant grows mostly in Asia. This oil has been used to add nourishment to normal skin and aging skin to help restructure and moisturise.

Carrot Healing Oil
Made from the hairy seeds of the wild carrot. It is rich in nutritive and healing benefits. Carrot oil is rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants, and is used in skin care products and for its healing and medicinal effects. Carrot oil contains high levels of carotenoids, components of vitamin A and powerful antioxidants. It also has high levels of tocopherol, a fat-soluble form of vitamin E.

Castor Oil
Extracted by pressing the seeds of castor plant. It is naturally astringent, so it helps pull impurities from the skin, making it ideal for oily or combination skin (and even dry skin in lesser amounts).

Ceteareth/Cetearyl Alcohol
A mixture of fatty alcohols, used as a detergent, emulsifier and foaming agent. Derived from coconut oil.

Chamomile Oil
Chamaemelum Nobile has daisy-like white flowers and is found in dry fields and gardens in Europe, North America and Argentina. Chamomile increases levels of glycine, which can ease muscle spasms, and hippurate, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory.

Citronella Essential Oil
One of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass). The oil is used extensively as a source of perfumery chemicals, which find extensive use in soap, candles and incense, perfumery, cosmetic and flavouring industries throughout the world. Citronella oil is also a plant-based insect repellent.

Coco Betaine
A mild surfactant, derived from coconut oil. It’s a foam booster, viscosity enhancer, and a mild cleanser.

Coco Glucoside
A naturally derived (coconut) surfactant with emulsifying properties, acting as a natural surfactant in bodycare and haircare products.

Coconut Oil
A stable oil Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which has shown strong anti-bacterial properties. The saturated fats are medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides and, when applied to the skin, they keep it smooth and retain the moisture content of the skin, as the fats eliminate moisture loss through the pores on skin. The lauric acid (fatty acids) have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties.

Colloidal Oats
Oats ground into an extremely fine powder, and which soothe skin that has been damaged, stressed, inflamed and irritated. Also helps relieve dry and itchy skin.

A vegetable derived, thickener for water products. It is a counter irritant (for people with sensitive skin), effectively lowering the irritancy potential of the surfactant as a whole. It acts as a foam stabiliser, encouraging longer lasting bubbles.

A silicone oil, used only in the Dianne Caine hair care products. When applied to the hair, it gives a silky, smooth and slippery feeling to the touch. Proven safe to use.

Dead Sea Mud
The black mud harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea. The high concentration of Dead Sea minerals is almost instantly effective in improving the skin's natural processes, easing rheumatic pains, relaxing muscles and providing inner calmness and tranquility.

Decyl Glucoside
A natural, non-ionic surfactant, used in foaming and cleansing products, and does not dry the skin. Like Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside is obtained from renewable raw materials, through a combination of plant based fatty alcohols (coconut c8-16) and glucose (corn starch).

DI Panthenol
Pro-Vitamin B5, which the human body readily absorbs through the skin and rapidly converts to Vitamin B5, which is a natural constituent of healthy hair and a substance present in all living cells. It is a potent moisturiser of the skin and hair, makes skin more elastic, soothes irritated skin, heals minor wounds, and gives hair moisture and shine.

A silicone oil, used only in the Dianne Caine hair care products. Gives products lubricity, slip and a good feel. It improves flow and spreadability.

Edelweiss Extract:
A high-purity extract from the Swiss alpine flower Edelweiss (leontopodium alpinum). A potent antioxidant – twice that of Vitamin C. With anti-wrinkle properties, it can improve appearance of aged and/or irritated skin.

Evening Primrose Oil
Oenothera Biennis is a Biennial found in the US and evening primrose oil is obtained from the flower. The flowers open every evening, hence the name. High in gamma linoleic acid, evening primrose oil helps to clarify the complexion, increasing the moisture levels and purifying the skin.

A naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang Oil, Rose Oil and Neroli. It has a delicate sweet odour. Commonly used in skin care products, including deodorants, fragrances and moisturisers.

Geranium Essential Oil
Extracted through steam distillation of stems and leaves of the Geranium plant, widely used as an element in aromatherapy for its many health benefits, including its ability to balance hormones, relieve stress, reduce inflammation and irritation, and improve the health of the skin.

A neutral, sweet-tasting, colourless, thick liquid (vegetable source). Glycerine is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin and has been shown to increase skin permeability where there is reduced hydration. Increases the water content of hair and skin.

Glyceryl Cocoate
Derived from coconut oil, used as an emulsifier and surfactant. It is exceptionally mild as a surfactant. It increases lubricity, leaving hair feeling conditioned and skin soft.

Glyceryl Oleate
Composed of glycerin (see ‘Glycerine’) and oleic acid, which is an omega-9 fatty acid derived from coconut oil. It is used as an emollient.

Goat’s Milk
Contains lactic acid, which contributes to a stabilised, gentle pH level. Used for centuries due to its beautifying and anti-ageing properties. Ideal in dry skin formulations.

Green Tea Extract
Derived from leaves of Camellia sinensis. Green tea extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, which has a cell-protecting function as well. It is a strong antioxidant effect that protects the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals. It also contains the Methylxanthines that stimulates skin microcirculation and therefore positively influence the tone and health of the skin. Green tea extract can actually decrease wrinkles and also makes you look younger.

Guar Conditioner
The gum is derived from the endosperm of the Guar Bean, which contains protein, fibre, and moisture. A popular conditioner for both hair and skin cleansing products, as well as emulsions and other personal care products. It provides unrivalled conditioning without unpleasant polymer buildup after repeated use. Often referred to as Guar Silk because it offers a perceptible silky feel, and significant glide, to products.

Extracts of watercress, sage, burdock root, lemon peel, ivy, sponaria and bladderwrack. Complex of plant extracts designed for skin with excessive sebum formation.

Hibiscus Flowers
Have powerful, exciting benefits to the skin, including the ability to firm and lift, giving hibiscus the nickname, the “Botox plant”.

Honey is a sweet bee secretion, made using nectar from flowers. It has been used as a humectants (keeping skin moist), a skin-conditioner and an emollient.

Hyaluronic Acid
A long chain sugar molecule which holds up to 1000 times its own weight of water, making it gel-like to help act as a cushion for skin, joints, nerves, etc. It improves skin hydration, stimulates production of collagen in skin, works as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, maintains skin elasticity, cushions joints and nerve tissues, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. Considered equally as important as collagen, found to reverse ageing. Hailed as a revolutionary natural molecule that stops and even reverses ageing. Our bodies contain 15g of Hyaluronic Acid and as we age this decreases.

Jojoba Pearls/Oil (Organic)
Jojoba is a shrub native to the west coast of North America. The oil (a liquid wax) comes from the mature seed and has been used as a moisturiser by Native Americans for centuries. Jojoba oil is very similar to human sebum and it has been shown to reduce UV skin damage. Studies also show that Jojoba has anti-microbial properties. The pearls are tiny, spherically shaped beads consisting of hydrogenated natural jojoba oil, with their round shape warranting effective but gentle exfoliation.

Jojoba Protein
Hydrolysed (fragmented) proteins extracted from the jojoba plant. It forms a hygroscopic film on the hair and retains moisture, so is highly effective to repair and condition damaged hair, ideal for adding shine & lustre to the hair. It is also an effective moisturiser and may improve appearance of aged skin, fines lines and wrinkles.

Lavender Oil
Lavender is a flowering plant that belongs to the Mint family. It is a fragrant plant that is often used for healing and in natural remedies. Lavender is used to make Lavender oil, a popular essential oil that is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Lemon Essential Oil
Expressed from the peel of the fresh fruit, lemon oil is a sweetly scented, purifying oil, with antioxidant properties.

Functions well as a deodorant. It lowers the pH of the armpit area so bacteria, and thereby odour, has a hard time developing.

Macadamia Nut Oil
Non-volatile oil expressed from the nut meat of the macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia) tree, a native Australian nut. Used in cosmetic formulations as an emollient or fragrance fixative.

Myrrh Oil
Comes from a dried resin extracted from the Commiphora myrrha tree, which belongs to the Commiphora plant genus. A very powerful antioxidant, making it protective against ageing skin.

Neroli Essential Oil
From the blossoms of the bitter orange tree (Citrus Aurantium Amara). Neroli is frequently used as a skin moisturiser, it has great hydrating properties and is reported to improve the tone and texture of skin. It is often used to help reduce scarring and stretch marks, and moisturise dryness, maintain skin elasticity and treat wrinkles.

Obtained from refined pure olive oil. A highly lipophilic (oil loving), active emollient, very similar to human sebum. An excellent stabiliser and co-emulsifier for high-quality cosmetics. Exhibits excellent spreadability, contributing a light touch and gentle skin-feeling properties. Outstanding moisturising properties and unique, silky texture.

Olive Esters (Olivem 300)
A water soluble functional lipid based on Olive Oil technology from Italy. It provides emolliency and mildness to formulations, and, given its natural affinity for human skin, helps protect the skin from delipidation and irritation which may be caused by other surfactants.

Olive Leaf Extract (Organic)
Made from the freshly picked leaves of the olive tree. With 400% more antioxidant power than the equivalent amount of Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful free-radical scavenger.

Olive Oil
A fat obtained from the olive. Known to be a beneficial moisturiser, Olive Oil keeps the skin soft and hydrated. Similarly it can be used for hair. It can also be used for potential anti-aging results, due to its high levels of antioxidants, helping to fight free radicals and prevent cell destruction, which help the visible signs of ageing including wrinkles.

Olive Squalane
Derived from pure olive oil, it is an elegant emollient that prevents moisture loss and restores the skin suppleness, elasticity and flexibility. Squalane is found naturally in the sebum of human skin and has an excellent, non-greasy feel. Nicknamed by beauty gurus all over the world as nature’s “facelift in a bottle”.

Olivem 1000
A non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier developed from natural olive chemistry. It is an emulsifier and thickener which is compatible with a wide variety of cosmetic and active ingredients. It is safe and clinically tested to be hypoallergenic, it provides creams with an excellent spreadability with no soapy effect.

Optiphen Plus
Is a globally approved preservative developed free of paraben and formaldehyde. Protects against yeast and mould growth and is non toxic. Originally obtained from the berries of the mountain Ash Tree.

Palm Stearic
Vegetable source fatty acid used to thicken, emulsify and stabilise formulations. It occurs naturally in animal and plant fats. *Sourced from sustainable palm.

Papaya Extract
Derived from the seed of the Papaya fruit; the fruit contains the enzymes papain and chymonpapain, which have exfoliating properties that remove dead and damaged skin. It is mostly known for dramatically improving tone and texture of skin, promoting a healthy, vibrant complexion.

Patchouli Essential Oil
Extracted by steam distillation from the dried grass of the Pogostemon Cablin plant. It has a smoky, earthy scent with a relaxing action.

Pearl Powder
A preparation of crushed pearls from China, used for skin care and in traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory and detoxification agent. Pearl powder is a finely milled powder made from freshwater pearls, which contains a number of amino acids and several minerals. It is considered by its proponents to act as a purifying agent and help improve the appearance of the skin.

Peppermint Essential Oil
The oil is extracted from the herb. It has a very minty aroma that is cooling and refreshing. Peppermint oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins A and C, minerals, potassium, manganese and copper.

Poly Glucose
Mild, non-ionic surfactant composed of sugar (glucose) derived from corn starch and fatty alcohols (decanol), derived from coconuts. A non-irritating, mild surfactant.

Pumice results from volcanic activity and pumice powder is obtained by finely milling pumice stone to produce a mildly abrasive powder, used as an exfoliant in skin care.

Rose Essential Oil
Extracted by steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose (Rosa Damascena). Containing a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, rose essential oil has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin; it also offers antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acneic skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation.

Rose Water
Rose water is the hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in perfume. Rose water can bring benefits to all skin types, it can help soothe and cool sensitive and irritated skin, balance and cleanse oily skin, rejuvenate, soften and tone mature skin, revitalise and add beautiful glow to the normal skin. Rose water is filled with anti-oxidants and various vitamins, therefore, it can help prevent the signs of ageing and nourish the skin.

Rosehip Oil
Rose hip oil is a fruit oil extracted from the hip of the rose. The hip is the fruit that is left after a rose has bloomed and the petals have fallen. Bursting with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, rose hip oil is a healing oil that has the unique ability to deeply nourish and balance all skin types.

Rosemary Leaf Extract
Extracted from rosemary leaf, it is a powerful anti-oxidant, to help protect against free radical damage and the effects of environmental stresses on the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and skin toning properties.

Salicylic Acid
Derived from the bark of the willow tree. It is a proven anti-acne agent due to its antiseptic properties. Also aids in the process of exfoliation.

Sandlewood Essential Oil
An essential oil obtained from the steam distillation of chips and billets cut from the heartwood of the sandalwood (Santalum album). Commonly used to fragrance cosmetics and in perfumery.

A botanical polyphenol-rich complex from argania spinosa kernel extract and sesamum indicum (sesam) extract. High content of liganas & phytosterols to control sebum production. Provides effective long term regulation of sebum production, reduces greasiness of the skin, prevents skin irritation, leads to smooth skin and improves skin appearance.

Shea Butter (Organic)
A natural fat extracted from the fruit or the shea tree (from west/central Africa), by crushing and boiling. Studies have shown that Shea Butter improves micro circulation, thereby reducing puffiness and protecting the skin as a rich moisturiser. Shea Butter may be very beneficial for treating dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It can help regenerate the skin as well as protect it from external stressors. Using Shea Butter is also thought to help improve circulation and aid in treating cellulite and improving skin texture. It is also extremely therapeutic helping to heal cracked, aged and damaged skin.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
A fatty acid derived from coconut oil. It is used in cosmetics and personal care products as a mild surfactant and is often seen in hair care products like shampoos because of its ability to help water to mix with oil and dirt, allowing them to be more easily rinsed away. It leaves hair and soft and shiny.

Spearmint Essential Oil
Extracted by steam distillation of the flowering tops of spearmint plants. Provides fragrance as well as cooling, cleansing and decongesting properties.

St John’s Wort
A shrubby perennial plant, it has bright, yellow 5-petaled flowers. It is known for many health benefits, including the ability to help ward off depression, St John’s Wort is also beneficial for the skin. Full of powerful flavonoids, it helps protect, soothe, and heal skin, while providing anti-acne and anti-inflammatory benefits. Whether you have oily or dry skin, this herb helps to kill bacteria and calm irritation so your skin looks smoother and healthier. Plus, it helps plump and hydrate skin while restoring elasticity, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sweet Almond Oil
Obtained from the dried kernel of sweet almonds. Very nourishing, with great emollient properties, almond oil is excellent as a moisturiser for dry skin.

A combination of neuro-peptides that mimics the peptide found in the venom of the North American Temple Viper. It limits the neurotransmitters that tell your facial muscles to move (a process known as exocytosis). It is particularly effective against expression lines, preventing future wrinkles by temporarily debilitating the muscle, keeping it from contracting and thereby smoothing lines in the wrinkle prone area.

A highly bioactive peptide which penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and studies suggest that it is a powerful cosmeceutical ingredient. It stimulates collagen synthesis and is thought to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also provides great skin-firming and moisturising properties.

Vanillin Crystals
Vanillin occurs widely in plants in nature. Applied topically through the use of perfumes and skin care.

Vitamin E
One of the most powerful antioxidants that occurs naturally, but which the body cannot produce. It is a fat-soluble vitamin important for many processes in the body. It neutralises the oxidant effect of free radicals, which are molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Walnut Shell
An abrasive, hard and fibrous product made from crushed walnut shells. It acts as an exfoliating material (the walnut shell used is finely ground).

Zinc Oxide
A white, powdery mineral. It works to protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays and has a soothing effect for use in many skin preparations.