Effective methods to create a higher energetic vibration

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As you are getting dressed in the morning, imagine each piece of clothing is in essence is a piece of your suit of armour, that will protect you from all negative intent.

By starting your day in this manner, choosing to be protected, you are choosing to minimise the negativity within your life. The positive effects begin to project into the other areas of your life, as well as having a positive impact on your body, your cells, and your overall health.

Why is our energy important?

Everything has the ability to hold an energy or a vibration, either positive or negative. Just like Grandma’s old crocheted blanket, the moment you see, feel or imagine it, you are immediately transported back into a part of your life that was warm comforting and nurturing. This is a classic representation of a positive impact on your life.

But what about negative energy?

Have you ever had a hectic day at work, followed by a rushed trip to the grocery store? Before finally reaching home to find the pace is still hectic, chaotic and doesn’t seem like it will ever let up? When you answer yes, then you understand this that is what a negative vibration feels like. It could have simply started because something minor may happened during the morning, but instead of thinking –“well, that didn’t go to plan, I will know what to do next time”, you allowed the minor to become bigger that it needed to be.

Positive vs Negative

It is actually easier to keep to a lower negative vibration, than to constantly hold yourself in a positive vibration. Negativity feeds off negativity, it thrives on it. Once it starts to fester in one element of your life, you can soon find it seeping into other elements of your life. Before you know it, you are surrounded and you literally cannot see a way out. There is a simple way out, though some will say complex approach to convert the negative back into a positive.

The answer is choice

You have a choice on how you start your day, you have a choice on what you allow to make an impact, and every step you choose to walk today is a choice. Life will sends you curve balls, so that you can learn from them, when you understand, you can actively turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Pay attention to your thoughts

With a clearer insight into how we tick, what can we do to lessen the impact of negative energy into our daily life? Into our body and etheric fields? We protect ourselves. Before you say “I cannot do that” or ‘I do not have the ability to do that’, let me tell you, YES you can. It can be as simple as intentionally thinking that you are surrounded and protected from all that does not serve you today. To asking your higher belief system to protect you.

How can I create a better vibration?

For those times when you are just feeling, for a better word – flat.

  • Connecting with Nature by either walking through the grass barefoot or standing in the ocean can do wonders for the Soul

  • Having a soak in Himalayan rock salt or Epson salts will work well.

  • Carrying Crystals, or placing them strategically around your home or work space is another simple way to draw a positive vibration around you.

  • Use the art of ‘Smudging’ the process of burning White Sage to clear a person or space of negative energy is a very effective tool to utilize.

  • Book a session with a Reiki Master or an Energy Healer to aid you and to help bring you back into alignment. There are a variety of complimentary therapies and anomalies available, with many practitioners having the ability to work remotely with clients, as well as having direct contact.

Choose what feels right for you for balance and harmony are not only confined to the physical. They encompass all realms. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Di – Energy Healer and Intuitive at InnerHarmony

After an injury in 2003 Di was introduced to the intriguing world of Reiki and its effects, not only for healing, but for its ability to generate a sense of divine calmness and nurturing.

Within weeks Di began her first training session to become a Reiki Master, she had found her purpose.

Di has fine-tuned her heightened sense of awareness, that she grew up suppressing in an attempt to fit into main stream society, Di attributes her Mum’s Native American heritage has be the cornerstone of her journey.

Di’s healing and intuitive work includes, clearing homes of negative energy, using Rune to tune people to find their life path.

Email Address:  innerharmony_albany@outlook.com

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