5 Reasons Why You Need A Natural Deodorant

Some studies associated aluminium with certain cancers, motor skills impairment, renal disorders, and bone disease. Although there is no substantive evidence to back these claims, people are still wary about the long-term effects of aluminium-based products that are widely available in the market today.

Health-conscious individuals who are looking for natural alternatives to replace their old aluminium-based deodorants in their daily skincare routing can rejoice because we can produce effective natural deodorants that are kind to your health.

If you still need some convincing, here are the reasons why you need to switch to a natural deodorant ASAP:

#1 It’s perfect for sensitive skin

Natural deodorants are free from aluminium and other chemicals such as parabens and fragrances. They are usually made from plant-based ingredients and essential oils such as rosemary, lemon grass, lavender and citrus oil. Because these are all natural ingredients, people with sensitive skins are less likely to have skin irritations. Natural products don’t clog pores and they keep the skin smooth and healthy.

#2 Combats odor effectively

The natural ingredients found in most natural deodorants such as rosemary, lichen, sage, lemongrass, and tea tree oil have anti-bacterial properties that prevents odour and reproduction of sweat-digesting skin bacteria. Witch Hazel, a favourite among natural skincare lovers, is known to have healing properties (for razor burns for example). It evaporates sweat and minimises skin pores.

#3 Detoxifies the skin

Plant-based ingredients are not only healing and odour-fighting but they are also effective and pulling out toxins from the body. Some companies are notorious in sneaking toxic ingredients so make sure to do your research.

#4 It’s eco-friendly

Since there are no harmful chemicals used in making natural deodorants, you are being kind to the environment.

#5 Gives you peace of mind

The ingredients that go into these products have the same odour-fighting power that your regular aluminium-based deodorant has.

Why settle for something that may cause health problems in the long-term when there are natural products that do the same job without the risks?



If you’re ready to give natural deodorant a try, check out our Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant.

Aluminium Free Deodorant

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